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Daily maintenance details of the planting machine

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To ensure that the machine is working properly, reduce the disadvantages. Adhere to the high performance, longevity, safe operation of the machine and reduce downtime caused by shortcomings. Timely maintenance and maintenance of the machine.
    1. Maintenance and maintenance frequency and maintenance items: maintenance and maintenance, divided into daily, monthly, quarterly and annual. Part of maintenance and maintenance is carried out during the change of the machine.
    Daily inspection:
    1. Clean the inside and outside of the planting machine with dust and dust;
    2. Clean the planting machine, the whole machine seat is dirty and dirty;
    3. Clean the surface of the equipment;
    4. Add a small amount of 68# lubricant to the cam;
    5. For the head of the hair cutter, and the eccentric rod connecting rod bearing and the large needle rod connecting Palin, add a small amount of 68# lubricating oil;
    6. A small amount of 68# lubricating oil is added to each wire diameter track of the computer;
    7. Check if the hairpin is worn and repaired and replaced;
    8. Check whether the electric eye (send copper electric eye hair) is active and repaired;
    Monthly inspection:
    1 Check if the lubrication system supply of the machine is normal and whether it is leaking oil and repairing;
    2 Check if the air pipe of the machine is leaking and repairing;
    3 Check if the clamp spring is weak and repaired;
    4 check the copper delivery arrangement and repair;
    5 Check if the panel switch button is normal;
    6 pairs of electrical box radiators, filter screens;
    Quarterly inspection:
    1. Check whether the cam bearings work without shaking and repair;
    2. Check if the 90 degree indexing piece and the positioning guide column are excessively worn and repaired;
    3. Check the hair-carrying cam, send copper cam, cut copper cam and each bearing whether the clearance is too large and repair;
    4. Check if the rocker arm slide is loose or worn; adjust or replace when it is abnormal;
    5. Check if the planting head (large needle bar) is loose or tight;
    6. Check if the broach connecting rod ring stem and eccentric bearing are excellent; adjust or replace when it is abnormal;
    Annual inspection:
    1. Check if the turbine and worm are loose and adjusted and replaced.
    2. Check if the hair-planting path (head) guide column and bearing are loose; adjust or replace when abnormal
    3. Check if the wires in the electrical cabinet box are scattered and cleaned up;