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Hair brush of the planting machine and its high quality characteristics

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1. Tablet brush: The brush wheel is arranged closely together, and then placed in the mold, and the brush wheel is made of the steel sheet through the punching machine; when the brush roller is made, the plurality of brush wheels can be connected together in series. On the roller shaft, the brush having the brush has a high density, but the cost is high and the manufacturing efficiency is slow.
    2. Spring brush: The brush roller made by the spring brush process solves the problems of high density and strong fastness of Lily. When making, first pass the brushing equipment, the Jiang bristles are pressed into the aluminum belt or the stainless steel belt by a steel wire to form a strip brush, and then wound on the roller shaft, and the two ends are welded by the sub-pot.
    3. Injection molding brush: Arrange the brush wire into a special mold, and then use the injection molding to integrate the brush wire and the brush plate. The advantage is that the bristle bonding force is high, and the current sanitation vehicle sweeping brush is made by this process.
    4, horse nail machine planting brush: the most traditional brushing process, after the brush roller or brush plate surface punching, using a horse nail planting machine to bristles a bundle into the brush roller or brush plate, the application of the most Broad, first, the cost is lower. However, the brush roller made of horse nails has several disadvantages:
    (1) First, the bonding strength of the brush wire is insufficient;
(2) Second, the density is not enough. There is a gap between each hole of the punching and planting. It is impossible to plant a high-density effect. When some special industries require high-density brush rollers to work, they cannot use this nail machine. Brush roller for planting hair.