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Daily maintenance rules for planting machines

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The hair-planting machine is a planting processing equipment for various brush products such as a toothbrush, a hair dyeing brush, a head comb, a wire brush, a fruit washing machine roller brush, a brushing roller and the like. The earliest hand-planting machine was later developed into an electric hair-planting machine. With the development of automation, various computer numerically-controlled high-speed planting machines have been developed.
    The machine head is the main mechanical part of the planting machine. The main actions of the hair planting are: taking the hair, cutting the thread, forming the iron wire, tying the wire with the iron wire, and inserting the wire into the hole. The machine head mainly achieves the above main actions through the connecting rod and cam structure. Equipment positioning accuracy, for example: workbench positioning accuracy, mechanical structure with or without gaps, slow-to-fast repeatability during machining, what pushers are used in the control system, and what motors are used.
    Do the daily maintenance work of the equipment, keep the equipment clean, clean up dust, debris and waste in time, add lubricating oil in time, and do anti-wear and anti-rust work. Regularly inspect vulnerable parts and replace worn out parts in time to avoid product quality due to part wear. Regularly check the equipment wiring and change the wear line in time.
    Operators should often add lubricant to the moving parts of the planting machine to reduce mechanical wear. Regularly check whether the screws are loose or not, and lock them in time. Keep the guide rail and screw clean to prevent debris from sticking to the guide rail or screw, which affects the accuracy of working positioning. Ensure that the electrical box works in a ventilated environment, avoiding humid or high temperature environments and preventing the electrical box from vibrating. The electrical box cannot be operated in a strong electromagnetic field, otherwise uncontrolled conditions may occur.
    The four servo axes are horizontal X axis, vertical Y axis, flap A axis and hair change Z axis. The XY two-axis coordinates determine the position of the toothbrush hole, the A-axis changes to the next toothbrush, and the Z-axis acts to change the color of the toothbrush. When the spindle motor is running, the four electronically controlled servo axes follow the movement, and the other four axes follow the spindle stop. The speed of the spindle determines the speed of the hair planting. The four servo axes respond to the requirements of coordinated driving, otherwise there will be hair removal or uneven hair.