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Tufting machine

Affiliate classification

Skills requirement:

1. Please provide factory certificate and technical drawings (electrical control drawings and wiring drawings) of the equipment, wearing parts list, spare parts of wearing parts and accessorial tools and other accessories; 

2. Electrical wiring diagram, electrical schematic diagram, instruction manual and parameter setting manual must be provided.

3. All configurations must be based on the configurations listed in the quotation.

4. Please provide the corresponding technical documents: "Technical Agreement", "Equipment Unpacking Acceptance Form", "Equipment Installation & Adjustment Test Report"

5. Note: XYZA four axles are Delta ASD-B2 servo drive controlled;

The entire control system is composed of a Delta's DVP-10PM motion controller and a DOP-B07S411 touch screen;
All the related auxiliary electrical accessories are of the Schneider brand;
The electric control drive part of the brush flattening knife is made by Shenzhen Dingtuoda, and the transmission part is the product of Taiwan HIWIN;
The structure of the workbench consists of a complete set of HIWIN lineal guide rail sliders and Qijian custom-made screw rods. The origin sensor is the original product made by Omron, and the coupling is made of custom-made multiple diaphragms. The main shaft adopts the brake motor made by Qingdao Dongyuan;
The related bearings are of imported brands such as IKO and SKF;
The accuracy of the combing table is within 0.002mm;
The right angle of the turntable shaft is 0.002mm;
The double cam clearance is 0.00mm
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